Excelium not only invests in companies but prepares them for growth. We help firms grow by providing guidance, mentorship & resources in the form of infrastructure, technology & people. We help startups spread their wings by providing sound values, clear strategy, world-class infrastructure, technology platforms and access to enterprise level services for the future. We make companies focus on rapid growth, and sort out all organizational, operational, and strategic difficulties that might be facing the business. We make businesses focus things that matter and teach them to run.


Excelium provides support services to law firms, resulting in better client experiences and outcomes. Our legal marketing and support organizations work in conjunction with a national group of highly reputable, experienced attorneys and law firms. The services we provide create and execute programs to procure and intake potential plaintiffs seeking legal representation.


Excelium offers unique pharmacy solutions, health diagnostics and a wide array of specialty services in support of communities, health systems, accountable care organizations, employers and families. Our patient-centric approach promotes better health outcomes while increasing access to the latest advances in science, technology and pharmacy care services.


Excelium provides working capital solutions to businesses and offers a growth and execution engine to niche specialty finance companies. Partnering with various financial institutions to assist in the procurement, development and retention of new clients, we offer an enhanced perspective in strategic marketing tactics, focusing on outreach and expansion.


Excelium provides a comprehensive educational platform for online study and enhanced comprehension for students throughout the world for online primary and secondary school education. Its focused on providing student-centric programs, leveraging cloud-based technology, skilled teachers, and a best-in-class virtual classroom environment that is fully accredited for students to obtain a high school diploma.